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Did the School Bullying Prevention Mega Page Deliver?

In part one of this three part series, I detailed the content marketing project we undertook in October. October is school bullying prevention month, so we decided to put together a page highlighting the best related resources, and the top difference makers in the field.

First thing I realized when I started compiling results: I made these goals way too difficult.

I should have left it with equaling the best month’s we’ve had for the specific metrics, instead of tacking on 10-20% more. Still, the engagement in social, link building, inquiry generation, and relationship building accomplished with this project made it worth it.

Traffic Boost

Goal: 185,893 sessions in October 2014

This goal was 15% over our best month ever, 10% over our October 2014 goal, and 32% over October 2013. That’s a ridiculous goal.

school bullying prevention traffic

We surpassed our October 2014 regular goal by over 2,000, and improved on our best month ever by over 9,000. Still, we fell short of the project goal by 14,663 sessions.

The total pageviews to the main School Bullying Prevention 31 for 31 page Oct. 1 – Nov. 9, 2014): 7,589

The total pageviews for the blog posts and extra pages created for the project (Oct. 1 – Nov. 9, 2014): 17,430

Organic Traffic Boost

Goal: 85,907 sessions in October 2014

This goal was 10% over our October 2014 goal.

school bullying organic traffic

We surpassed our goal for October 2014 by over 4,000, and nearly equaled our best month (September 2014). We fell short of the project goal by 3,328 sessions.

Domain Authority

Goal: Moz domain authority rises from 53 to 56 by end of November.

We’re not at the end of November, so can’t close the books on this one, but we actually dropped to 51 domain authority. We have a recurring issue with www. and non-www. sites existing simultaneously, which is terrible for SEO, because the whole site is duplicate content, and the links going into every page are dispersed between the www. and the non-.www. In October, we also made a structural changes to a few chunks of our site, which can cause temporary flux in the domain authority.

We jumped to 55 early in the month, but then dropped to 51 for the rest of the month. I expect this to bump back up once IT fixes the issue, and our changes settle, so we start to get credit for some awesome high authority links we got out of this project.

Here are the links we’ve grabbed so far:

school bullying links

With the different variables that go into Domain Authority it’s probably ridiculous to use it as a goal for a content project. Now that we have an idea of how many links we can get, I can use that as a basis to build a links goal for the next project.


Goal: 450 inquiries from Bullying Tip Kit in October 2014

We were hoping to break our record inquiry month of 2,013 (April 2013) with the help of these extra Bullying Tip Kit inquiries.

school bullying inquiries

Missed the 450 by 33 inquiries. We did get 462 total school bullying related inquiries. And, we snagged 3,005 total inquiries for the month, which was 992 more than our record. Pretty awesome.

Twitter Engagement

Goal 1: 206 Twitter followers in October 2014

20% more followers in October than our best month, which was April 2014 (172).

school bullying twitter followers

Just made this goal.

Goal 2: 536 Twitter engagements in October 2014

20% more engagement in October than our best month, which was September 2014 (447). Engagements include replies, retweets, mentions, and favorites.

school bullying twitter engagement

We blew this goal away with 909 total engagements.

Facebook Engagement

Goal 1: 686 increase in page likes in October 2014

Page Likes – Goal: 10% increase in total page likes (total likes minus total unlikes) over our best month, which was April 2014 (+624).

school bullying Facebook page likes

Missed it by 2. We got 684 page likes. This is an interesting number. There was some concern that we would lose page likes because school bullying took over the Facebook page for the whole month, and we have much more than just educators on our Facebook page. There were fewer than average unlikes for the month.

school bullying Facebook engagement

Goal 2: 3,920 post likes in October 2014

school bullying Facebook post likes

August 2014 – 3,564 likes. October 2014 – 3,736. Best month ever but 184 shy of project goal.

Goal 3: 385 comments in October 2014

school bullying facebook comments

August 2014 – 350 comments. October 2014 – 169. So, we fell far short on the comments. It’s pretty apparent a super hot take, like the Robin Williams post, triggers more comments than a steady flow of daily blogs.

Goal 4: 1,029 post shares in October 2014

school bullying facebook post shares

August 2014 – 935 shares. October 2014 – 1,246. Great share month. 311 more than our best month.

Goal 5: 5,493 clicks in October 2014

school bullying facebook post clicks

April 2014 – 4,994 clicks. October 2014 – 5,000. 493 under the project goal. Six more than our best month. That’s pretty good activity.

Staff Feedback

We had a little scope creep with the project. Initially, we were just going to have the 31 difference maker profiles as the main piece of content on the mega page. But, we added 31 resources as well. With that addition the page was jam packed with great information for school bullying prevention, but it did ramp up the difficulty. Some folks said that the additional content demands made the project a little too time consuming (to pile on top of their every day work load). I agree. The solution, if we do this type of page again, is to reduce the number of resources.

Our timeline was also a little tight on this. There was a bit of stress as we neared launch. Solution: start the project earlier.

We also decided that it would be smart to create a checklist and/or process document, so that we can use that as our guide for the next project. We learned a lot on this one. Might as well carry that knowledge into the planning and execution of the next one to save time and energy, and improve the final result.

Finally, most of the people that worked on this project were pretty excited to be a part of it. It was challenging, fun, engaging, and we saw a lot of good results.

Wrap Up

In part one, I made a long list of bonuses that materialized from doing this project. That stuff combined with good metrics equal a big win.


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