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Thank the Lord for Brian Dean at Backlinko

Sometimes I slip into thinking that I’m really accomplishing something by reading books and blog posts, listening to podcasts, and watching webinars with the hottest marketing trends.

I’m not. Unless I apply the tactics and tips, my info gathering is useless.

I should clarify that. There are some terrific marketers who deliver fantastic information, which can improve my own decision making simply by basking in their brilliance. But, those types are few and far between.

You have to be very picky with the rest, because frankly 92% of the information being pumped out in this bold, new “content marketing” world is garbage. Rehashed tips. Top 10 turds. It’s clickbait, or words on a website for the sake of words on a website because Google and the long tail demand it.

I found that following 827 marketers on Twitter and clicking on all of the hot takes really was a huge waste of time. At some point you have enough knowledge to start building good marketing campaigns.

Even with the best marketing minds in the business I can still suffer from paralysis by analysis if all I am doing is seeking and collecting information. I can get my greedy little hands on every hot little trick and tip, and still get nothing done. In fact, it’s more likely I’ll get nothing done, because I’m spending all my time collecting information, prostrating myself before gurus, and sharing this stuff with co-workers and the community at large.

I have gone through periods like this. Not productive. But, dangerously enticing because it feels like you’re getting smarter, and moving the needle.

Now, I’m at a place where it’s very difficult to get me to listen to marketing advice from anybody but my painstakingly selected trusted advisers. Sure I’m open to new information from people I haven’t heard of, but it’s going to take a very compelling reason to get me to read their stuff.

Brian Dean Shares Gold

I gave Brian Dean and his blog, Backlinko, a shot maybe six months ago. I’m not even sure how I heard of him, but thank the lord I did. This dude kills it with step-by-step tutorials on how to improve your business. Absolutely amazing stuff.

A few months ago I read how Brian increased conversions by 785% on his blog, and it was so full of common sense mixed with actual data that I had to try his methods.

Basically, find the most visited content on your site. Figure out a way to build a report or bonus piece of content that closely relates to the topic of the page, and offer it in exchange for an email address. He uses a checklist as a great example.

Super simple concept, but it really struck me as a sublime insight. Right then I decided we had to do this.

I went to Google Analytics looking for the page that received the most non-branded organic traffic. It happened to be our page on de-escalation. De-escalation is a huge thing in our training. We want educators, healthcare workers, and human service providers to be able to de-escalate situations with good relationships and supportive words before a disruption turns to crisis.

So, the team created CPI’s Top 10 De-escalation Tips, which was built quickly as a Powerpoint and saved as a PDF.

As we were producing this piece it dawned on me that we had already been doing this tactic with three other hot topics in our industry: positive behavior support, school bullying, and trauma informed care. And…it just so happens that those offers are always at the top of our lead generators.

But, it never really dawned on me that we could just make this a practice: comb through analytics, find the hottest pages, and building resources on those specific topics.

Brian Dean made me understand this with “The Content Upgrade” concept.

The Numbers

We have two de-escalation pages that get organic traffic. Here are the number before Brian Dean (BBD).

Aug. 4 – Sept. 10 – 38 days

  • Sessions: 4,880
  • Clicks (on banner): 14
  • CTR: .29%
  • Conversions: 3
  • Conversion Rate (on clicks): 21.4%
  • Conversion Rate (on visits): .06%

Good traffic. Bad conversion. On one page we offer our generic eBook, Creating a Safe and Caring Work Environment and on the other Risks of Restraints. These are two of our better offers, but the conversion rate measured against total visits is bad. So is the clickthrough rate.

Here are the numbers with the spiffy new resource offer after Brian Dean (ABD).

Sept. 11 – Oct 18 – 38 days

  • Sessions: 4,951
  • Clicks (on banner): 277
  • CTR: 5.6%
  • Conversions: 80
  • Conversion Rate (on clicks): 28.9%
  • Conversion Rate (on visits): 1.6%

That is a spectacular improvement. I highly recommend you go check out that post. In fact, soak up all of Brian’s work. It’s totally worth the time!

P.S. It Works Even Better For PPC

What’s really interesting is that these highly targeted offers work even better with paid traffic,which I wrote about here.

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